Friendfactor is a non-profit organization dedicated to making it easy for straight friends to help their gay friends achieve full legal freedoms,

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Jun 28, 2011 12:54 AM

Friendfactor helps win marriage equality in NY

PKPR was proud to play a role in the historic passage of same-sex marriage in New York State through our work with Friendfactor, a new non-profit that makes it easy for friends and family to support their gay loved ones. Friendfactor is one of the many organizations that came together under one united strategy to campaign for marriage equality in New York.

Through Friendfactor, more than 1,100 people set up their own personal campaign pages where friends could call their State Senator with just the click-of-a-mouse. After entering their zip code and phone number, friends automatically received a phone call connecting them directly to their State Senators office.

The list of people using Friendfactor to inspire their friends and family to make calls includes:

Christine Quinn
Cynthia Nixon
Ron Zacchi, executive director of Marriage Equality New York
Lance Bass
Andy Towle
Chelsea Handler
Kirstin Gillibrand
Sarah Silverman

PKPR secured coverage of Friendfactor’s innovative campaign in outlets including The New York Times (Want to Call Your Senator? Advocates Make It Easy), CBS News, New York Daily News, and New York Observer.

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