Media that Matters Film Festival Makes Its Mark

By Patrick Kowalczyk

May. 30, 2008

Arts Engine’s eighth annual Media That Matters Film Festival, one of the first and largest online film festivals, rolled out its red carpet yesterday for a premiere at The IFC Center in New York. Showcasing a collection of 12 short films aimed at inspiring audiences to think, laugh, and take action on today’s top issues, the festival hits that PKPR sweet spot where art and activism meet.

For the launch, PKPR secured an exclusive screening for one of the festival’s films, EVERY THIRD BITE, on New York Magazine’s Vulture blog, where a spirited debate ensued over the future of the world’s honey bees. Other coverage included Boston Globe, Huffington Post, The Oregonian, PC Magazine’s AppScout blog, IndieWIRE, Variety, Stream, Tilzy.TV, and Tribeca Film Institute’s Resource’s blog

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