Alexander Heffner

Alexander Heffner is the host of the PBS series The Open Mind and the co-author of “A Documentary History of the United States,” a collection of the most important speeches and documents in American history that has sold more than one million copies.

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Alex Heffner talks 2020 on MSNBC Live

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Mar. 17, 2019

PKPR booked PBS Open Mind host Alexander Heffner on MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson today for a discussion on how the differences in how the media is covering the female and male candidates for 2020.

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Alex Heffner on MSNBC

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Feb. 09, 2019

PKPR secured an appearance for Alexander Heffner, host of PBS’ The Open Mind, on PoliticsNation to discuss Elizabeth Warren’s presidential kickoff and the leadership crisis in Virginia.

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Alexander Heffner on Morning Joe

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Jul. 04, 2018

PKPR booked Alexander Heffner on Morning Joe to discuss his new book, A Documentary History of the United States, and how Trump’s presidency is testing democratic norms.

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