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Designed to bust political news bubbles, Ground News lets users instantly compare how the same news event is covered by outlets from across the political spectrum (from Breitbart to Mother Jones) and around the world.

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Ground News launches Blindspotter

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Mar. 25, 2021

Ground News this week launched Blindspotter, a bot that analyzes the interactions of any Twitter account to produce a profile of their media diet and the degree of their political news slant. Check out the coverage in Mashable, Financial Times, The Daily Wire, and Unherd.

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Ground News in Voice of America

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Oct. 19, 2020

In this Voice of America segment on election misinformation, Ground News founder Harleen Sukh discusses their new Bias Checker browser extension, which shows who else is covering the same news story and compares how other sources from across the political spectrum are reporting on it.

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Ground News aims to bust political news bubbles

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Apr. 01, 2020

Aiming to counteract the rise in misinformation, sensationalism, and biased news, Ground News enables users to easily compare how sources from across the political spectrum and from around the world are covering the same news event.

PKPR secured coverage for the launch of Ground News in a range of outlets - from Digital Trends and Editor & Publisher to MediaVillage, Screen Shot, and Reclaim the Net .

Ground News founder Harleen Kaur was also interviewed on Digital Trends Live. Watch the interview here.



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