Studio@Gawker Contest Goes Viral

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Apr. 23, 2014


What would you create if you had unlimited access to Pringles crisps and cans?

As part of a competition, Studio@Gawker asked Brooklyn arts collective Fall on Your Sword to let their imagination run wild…and the results are two mouth-watering pop art masterpieces: a fully-functioning pipe organ made of nearly 250 Pringles canisters and a chandelier consisting of 150 silver-colored casts of Pringles crisps.

PKPR helped turn the jaw-dropping art works into an online hit securing coverage in Yahoo! News, Food Network, PSFK, MAKE: Neatorama, Laughing Squid, designboom, TrendHunter, Junk Culture, Creative Blog, Food Republic, and TV stations from Salt Lake to Cincinnati.


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