John Irving honored by Dayton Literary Peace Prize

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Jul. 23, 2018

John Irving, the author of novels such as “The World According to Garp” and “The Cider House Rules” that examine the complexities of sexual differences and other social issues is this year’s winner of the Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Award, organizers of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize announced this week. Coverage included Associated Press, The Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, and The Toronto Star.

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Client: Dayton Literary Peace Prize

EHRP’s Ehrenreich and Quart in Vogue

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Jul. 18, 2018

Check out this awesome interview with Barbara Ehrenreich and Alissa Quart about the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

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Client: Economic Hardship Reporting Project

EHRP editor Alissa Quart on Morning Joe

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Jul. 02, 2018

PKPR booked Alissa Quart, executive editor of Economic Hardship Reporting Project, on Morning Joe this morning to discuss her new book Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America. Watch her segment here.

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Client: Economic Hardship Reporting Project

Richard Attias discusses G7 Summit on Fox Business

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Jun. 11, 2018

Richard Attias appeared on Fox Business today to discuss the fallout from G7 Summit and the North Korea summit in Singapore.

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Client: Richard Attias & Associates

CityLab on Theatre of the Oppressed’s new space

By Patrick Kowalczyk

May. 10, 2018

CityLab today published the amazing true story of how Theatre of the Oppressed NYC purchased a $3 million space in the heart of NYC’s Theater District for just $25,000.

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Client: Theatre of the Oppressed NYC

50/50 Day on NowThis

By Patrick Kowalczyk

May. 02, 2018

Two NowThis videos on 50/50 Day, a global day of action and conversation about gender equality on April 26, 2018, garnered over 120,000 views in just two days. The videos included one on the mission of 50/50 Day and another featuring an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, who participated in 50/50 Day’s live webcast.

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Client: Let It Ripple

Parcast profiled by New York Times

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Apr. 16, 2018

PKPR placed an exclusive profile in The New York Times on how upstart podcast network Parcast has become a true crime and history podcast hit factory rivaling big players like NPR and Gimlet. The headline says it all: Pulp Nonfiction: Podcasts Go Mass-Market.

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Client: Parcast

Mozilla unveils 2018 Internet Health Report

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Apr. 11, 2018

On the same day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in Congress, Mozilla launched its 2018 Internet Health Report. The report puts a spotlight on three major issues impacting the health of the internet: the growing power of big tech companies like Facebook and Google; the broken online advertising economy and its role in propagating fake news; and the challenge of ensuring the securing of the estimated 30 billion connected devices coming online by 2020.

PKPR secured extensive coverage for the launch of the report including interviews for Mozilla’s Mark Surman on NPR’s Marketplace, The World, and CBC’s Spark, as well as in-depth coverage in Wired, Fast Company, Ars Technica, PCMag, Geek, San Jose Mercury News, VentureBeat, ExtremeTech, Salon, Entrepreneur, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Cheddar, Axios, Mediapost, The Next Web, and ZDNet.

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Client: Mozilla Foundation

Designing Justice’s TED Talk

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Mar. 28, 2018


Stop what you are doing and watch Deanna Van Buren’s TED Talk: What a World Without Prisons Could Look Like.

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Client: Designing Justice + Designing Spaces

50/50 Day co-founder pens CNN op-ed

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Mar. 08, 2018

50/50 Day co-founder Tiffany Shlain penned an op-ed for CNN on how schools, news media, and entertainment industry have failed to tell the full history of women leaders.

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Client: Let It Ripple

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