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POBA | Where the Arts Live

POBA is a program of the James Kirk Bernard Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to honor the artistic interests of Jamie Bernard, a young writer and artist (1987- 2010).  POBA empowers heirs, estates, publishers, and representatives to preserve a deceased artist’s creative legacy and make it accessible for new audiences to discover and experience their work.

POBA | Where the Arts Live in the News

POBA confirms it’s a Basquiat!

PKPR secured an exclusive with ARTnews, the oldest and most widely circulated art magazine in the world, on how POBA helped a New Jersey single mom.

POBA on PBS NewsHour’s Arts Beat

POBA is featured on PBS NewsHour’s Arts Beat in a fantastic segment looking at how it helps give unsung artists the attention they didn’t get in their lifetimes.

POBA in Star Ledger

Wonderful story in today’s Star Ledger on how POBA is helping to preserve over 1000 letters written between a New Jersey couple during World War II.