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Dedicated to building a global community of bakers, Sourhouse’s mission is to design objects that become the center of daily rituals in the kitchen and an expression of personal identity to inspire more baking.

Its flagship products include Goldie, the first device dedicated to caring for sourdough starter. This sleek and compact countertop warming device offers the perfect amount of warmth to keep a sourdough starter consistently in the “Goldilocks Zone” of 75-82ºF / 24-28ºC, where it is the most active and healthy.

Sourhouse also creates platforms for the baking community to gather, share, and learn by offering free resources like the Sourhouse Community Cookbook—downloaded by nearly 40,000 bakers—and sourdough baking webinars, where novice bakers and sourdough savants alike can learn tips and tricks.

Sourhouse in the News

Sourhouse in Food & Wine

Food & Wine editors tested 100+ kitchen products in March, and they singled out Goldie by Sourhouse as one of the six the “can’t stop using.”

Sourhouse in Saveur 

Saveur’s recent article “The Best Gifts for Bakers” features Sourhouse’s Goldie, praising its design and ability to preserve sourdough starter.