Designed for music lovers of any skill level, the INSTRUMENT 1 plugs into your iPhone, iPad, or laptop, where it pairs with the Artiphon iOS app and hundreds of music-making apps like GarageBand. In just a few seconds you can be tickling piano keys as if you are drumming, or strumming an otherworldly synth.

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Artiphon: the must-have musical gift of 2016

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Dec. 20, 2016

Artiphon Shorts: Carol of the Bells from Artiphon on Vimeo.

This year’s must-have gadget for the music-lover on your list in the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, the first-ever instrument that allows you to strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, beat a drum, and more - all in a single device. 

PKPR secured coverage for INSTRUMENT 1 in some of the best tastemaking guides around - from New York Magazine’s coveted holiday issue and PCMag’s 19 Most Beautiful but Practical Tech Gifts to the Denver Post and the nationally syndicated tech show, The List .

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