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Vintage Magazine, launched in November 2009, is a celebration of design, culture, and the creative possibilities of print. Inspired by Fleur Cowles’ legendary Flair (published 1950-51), Vintage Magazine invites an eclectic roster of writers and artists to survey the historic impact of art, music, fashion, food, travel, and more. In both its content and artful construction, the biannual magazine embodies the word “vintage” in its broadest sense - one that connotes style, excellence, and timeless elegance.

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Raves for Second Issue of Vintage Magazine

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Nov. 08, 2010

“A reading experience so unique, there could never be an app for that.” - San Francisco Chronicle

“The mag illuminates the possibilities of print.” - The National Post

“Perusing Vintage is like sipping a Tanqueray and tonic at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore—a pleasurable blast from the past.” - Mediapost

Those are just a few of the accolades the press has heaped upon the much-anticipated second issue of Vintage Magazine. Other fans range from influential design critic Stephen Heller, who writes the Visuals column for the New York Times Book Review to Mr. Magazine to BettyConfidential.

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Vintage Magazine Named a Top Launch of ‘09

By Patrick Kowalczyk

Nov. 20, 2009

In a world of Kindles and tweets, the launch of Vintage Magazine offered a timely reminder of the pleasures and power of the printed page.

Showcasing a treasure trove of textures, fonts, folds, and die-cuts. Vintage Magazine’s celebration of print earned it high marks from a wide range of outlets - from a Brilliant Highbrow citation in New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix to the distinction of one of the top 25 magazine launches from the influential Media Industry Newsletter. Thanks to coverage in Women’s Wear Daily, Cool Hunting, Mr. Magazine, Folio, Library Journal, and many more outlets, the premiere issue sold out. Stay tuned for issue #2 in May 2010.

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