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Trint gets rave reviews in PCMag and Poynter

The critics have tested the competition and they are singling Trint out as the best transcription app on the market. Poynter said Trint is “the best all-around automatic transcription tool for journalists”, and PCMag called Trint a “slick automated transcription service with good editing software”.

PKPR Client: Trint

Trint is an automated transcription tool that creates almost instant transcripts that can be quickly and easily edited for fast, accurate and affordable transcription. Backed by funding and support from the Knight Enterprise Fund, the Google Digital News Initiative, and BBC Worldwide Labs, Trint is the first service to combine a text editor and an audio/video player into one easy-to-use tool, making it possible to search recorded content by keywords, verify by re-listening to just that portion of an interview, and edit a transcript to perfection in minutes.

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