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Designing Justice in Ms., Fast Company, AD

As the debate grows for defunding police and shifting financing to other critical community services, Designing Justice + Designing Spaces is helping to show the nation what a world without prisons would look like.

Recent coverage includes: Politico (How to re-design the world for Coronavirus and beyond), Ms. Magazine (”Deanna Van Buren Is Building a World Without Prisons”), Architectural Digest (“Why Justice in Design Is Critical to Repairing America”), and Dezeen (“A whole lot has to get built to end mass incarceration” says Deanna van Buren).

PKPR Client: Designing Justice + Designing Spaces

Designing Justice+ Designing Spaces engages communities in the design and development of new buildings, spaces, and tools to attack the root causes of mass incarceration: poverty, racism, lack of access to resources.

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