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Fotolog Leads Photo Blogging Boom

Founded in 2002 as a small photo-sharing project for a few dozen friends, Fotolog became a thriving online community, especially in South America, largely through word of mouth online.

Fotolog hired PKPR in 2005 to raise the site’s awareness in the United States and position Fotolog as a leader in the emerging photo blogging boom.

PKPR leveraged co-founder Adam Seifer’s personal photo blog and professional background to position him as an expert on photo blogging and social networking.

Despite competition from sites such as Flickr, PKPR secured ‘big picture’ stories on photo blogging that showcased Fotolog as the category leader. Coverage has included major profiles in BusinessweekNewsweekInc., Time,, and, and Adam is now recognized as a ‘face’ of photo blogging. His commentary and photo blog have been featured in New York Times, ABC News, CBS Radio, WCBS-TV, WABC-TV, and Investors Business Daily

PKPR Client: Fotolog

One of the world’s largest social networking sites, Fotolog boasts more than 4.7 million members who use photo blogs to connect and communicate daily with a global network of friends and family. 

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