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NPR, AP Cover Launch of The Transporters

The Transporters is a groundbreaking new cartoon series which has been proven to help children with autism recognize and understand emotions.

Following its successful debut in the United Kingdom, PKPR was hired to manage the January 2009 launch of the series in North America.

To reach the widest possible audience, PKPR focused its initial outreach on national media, securing an in-depth feature in the Associated Press, which was syndicated to hundreds of outlets, including the Yahoo! home pageUSA TodayAOL Health, and MSNBC.

PKPR also generated major broadcast coverage, including a segment on NPR�s All Things Considered (the third most popular radio program in the U.S. with 12 million listeners), Associated Press Television, and CBC-TV (Canada). The fascinating science behind the series also received analysis in Discover Magazine and Popular Science.

To drive sales of the DVD, PKPR also implemented a comprehensive program targeting autism, parenting, and special education organizations, blogs, and trade publications. Coverage has ranged from the Autism Society of America and to Special Needs Children and Bon Bon Gazette.

PKPR is currently outreaching to monthly magazines to secure coverage for the DVD in April issues since April is Autism Awareness Month. Confirmed coverage includes Parents, ParentGuide, and Canadian Living.

PKPR Client: The Transporters

Debuting on DVD in North America on January 12th, 2009, The Transporters is a groundbreaking cartoon series designed to help children with autism recognize and understand emotions. It is the brainchild of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, a leading world authority on autism and produced in association with his research team at the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University in England. Research has found that after watching the series for just 15 minutes a day for four weeks, most children with autism caught up with other children in their ability to recognize emotions.

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