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YOU’VE GOT MAIL… not that it’s helpful

Next time you’ve got a question while shopping online, think twice before firing off an email if you are expecting a helpful answer.

A study by STELLAService found that retailers answer customer emails completely just 54% of the time. There was some good news, however, for shoppers. Among the top 25 retailers, answered nearly 90% of customer emails thoroughly.

PKPR secured an exclusive with Mashable. Additional coverage ranged from The Consumerist to Fox Business to Yahoo! Shine

PKPR Client: STELLAService

Dedicated to helping consumers make more informed online shopping decisions, STELLAService is the first and only independent provider of customer service ratings for online retailers. Using its proprietary, rigorous evaluation system, STELLAService rates thousands of retailers each year across a broad array of criteria, including usability and online tools, shipping and returns and customer support.

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