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Dedicated to helping consumers make more informed online shopping decisions, STELLAService is the first and only independent provider of customer service ratings for online retailers. Using its proprietary, rigorous evaluation system, STELLAService rates thousands of retailers each year across a broad array of criteria, including usability and online tools, shipping and returns and customer support.

STELLAService in the News

Holidays are around the corner

Just in time for Free Shipping Day, STELLAService released the average shipping times for the top 25 internet retailers.

STELLAService Facebook Survey on CNN

Many retailers still need to refine their social media manners, as proven by one our surveyed where many failed to respond to customer service questions.

STELLAService Rules Holiday Coverage

STELLAService finished 2011 with a bang, garnering coverage near and far for its studies of the retailers with fastest shipping, call support, and refunds.

STELLAService on CNN

If you’re flying on Virgin America for the Thanksgiving holiday, be prepared to wait on hold for a long time, according to a STELLAService study.

STELLAService in Real Simple

PKPR secured a perfect placement for STELLAService in the November issue of Real Simple (circulation 1.9 million).

STELLAService in TechCrunch

PKPR is proud to announce that we are now representing STELLAService, the first independent customer service ratings provider for online retailers.